Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thought of the day - politics and the upcoming election

I heard yesterday that VP candidate Ryan said that a vote for Ron Paul would be a vote for Pres. Obama. This might be true, but the while idea of it really "sticks in my craw" as they would say where I grew up. Let me explain....

I'm not one of those rabid RP supporters although I do think he was the best choice in the field during the primaries. I heard a lot of talk then about how he couldn't win so there wasn't any reason to vote for him. I've also heard countless times since then how I should vote for Romney because "at least he's better than Obama"....

That's what the world has come to? I'm supposed to vote for the lesser of the two evils even though neither one comes close in reflecting my views? That's just ridiculous.. People vote for the lesser of two evils and then wonder why there's evil. This same idea is one reason we are in the condition we are in now as a country.

This whole "you can only vote for someone in these 2 parties" stuff has got to stop if any real, meaningful change is ever going to happen. Take a close look folks - there is no difference between the red and blue teams. Sure, they'll posture and crow about the social issue du jour; but under the surface they're all lapdogs of the big banks, big pharma, and big oil. The presidential election is a good example. Forget what they say. Look at their records and tell me that there is a big difference between the two parties.

I apologize (a little) for the rant and I don't want to try and tell you who you should vote for. That's a personal choice and up to the individual to decide for themselves. What I am trying to do is to tell you is to vote for whomever best represents your views/beliefs/values regardless of their perceived ability to win. And don't fall for the whole "lesser of two evils" line of malarkey either.
This little bit of advice comes from personal experience. In '08 I voted for (in my view) the lesser evil. I had fallen into the trap that I had only two options and I couldn't bring myself to vote for that war-mongering weasel McCain. Do I regret voting for Obama? A little bit; but what I truly and deeply regret is the fact that I let others convince me to compromise. It'll never happen again and I will happily vote for a 3rd party candidate that "has no chance of winning" if they are the best candidate for me.

On a lighter note, this weekend is the opening of archery season here in Texas. Good luck to all those going out this weekend and I wish I was going to be up in a stand or blind Saturday. Oh well, I guess a hungry hunter can be hungry a little longer........

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  1. Bravo! Very well said, HH.
    Sharpening the broadheads?