Sunday, October 14, 2012

Thought of the day - pride

A few days ago I experienced a first for me - I laid my motorcycle over. I was leaving work and only going about 1 mph and hit a weird rut in the gravel.
Don't worry, both of us are fine and the only thing scraped, dinted or damaged was my pride.

It wouldn't have been half as bad if no one was around, but I had an audience....

The funny thing is that just a few days before I was feeling much machismo as I was riding around the small town we call home. I felt like one tough hombre like Swarzenegger in Terminator 2 or something.

Nothing like a lay over to dispel those kinds of feelings......
It was very literally "pride goeth before a fall".

As I drove home that day after the initial embarrassment faded, I could.only come.up with one thought to summarize the whole experience:
"Thank you, Lord."

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