Monday, November 12, 2012

e & e

It's over
I'm done.
Lungs burning, legs jelly.
Each step brings
A new level of pain.
I need to stop for a minute.
Just one minute.
Stopping however,
Is not an option.
Delivery is essential.
Lives depend on my
Continual forward movement.
Sounds of men and machines
Drift in on the wind.
Must keep moving.
Attempts at diversion and distraction
Seem to have proven futile.
The weather is a blessing.
Overcast skies render
The ever-present eye in the sky
A single shotsnaps me back to attention -
To reality.
I must push on;
Keep moving.
Fighting against my body
And my will.
Where exactly am I?
How much farther?
Fatigue and darkness
Disguise once familiar terrain.
My pursuit is closing.
Must keep moving.
Commands now clearly heard
From just over the last ridge.
It won't be long now
Until I'm overtaken.
Wait, what is that?
I know this place.
Not too far now
Just a few more minutes.
Shots increase in frequency.
Zips and snaps swarm
Around my head.
Nearby trees explode
Sending woody shrapnel
Into my side and face.
Must keep moving.
So close now,
I can see my objective.
Shouldn't there be help here?
Where are they?
Am I in the right place?
One final surge
One last push.
Oh no.


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