Sunday, December 23, 2012


Here's my favorite so far. I wrote it this Spring, but it seems to be getting more and more relevant.


A God-fearing, gun-owning American male.
Called a relic, stuck in the past
Needing to evolve, conform to new "realities"
Degraded, blamed for society's ills.
Sometimes it's much, much worse.
Names that pierce, words that burn
Each one leaving unique scars.
Attempts at reconciliation
Or even mutual understanding
Prove futile.
The why's ever-haunting.
There seems no recourse,
Only one viable alternative:
To live life as Jesus lived
And keep every shot in the 10-ring.

Crossroads loom on the horizon.
Fates of souls, families,
Hang in the balance.
Questions crawl out of the night.
Does an oath taken to defend
A two hundred year old document
Conflict with much older instructions
To submit?
Duty, honor, integrity;
But there are mouths to feed?
Will our country be recognizable in ten years?
Will I?
A God-fearing, gun-toting
Uneasy American.

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