Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An apology - not really...

I have made an effort to keep this little blog as far away from politics as I can. I keep my distance from religion too. I try not to post/share that might be offensive to some or sensationalist. Heck, I started out with the goal to share a little poetry and maybe give a few tidbits of advice on preparedness. But when I see what is happening to our country - I have to say something. Maybe I won't change the minds of the 7 (ok, ok, I'm sure it's more like 2 by now...) of you reading this; but if I can at least get you too consider my view, then it is worth it to stray from the original intent of ramblings.

I've posted more today than I have in weeks. Why? Because the events of the last week have shaken me up. I thought I was the only one who felt that way, but I found others that feel the same way and can express it better than I can.
The Bill of Rights was put in place not to grant us rights, but to keep the govt from infringing on our rights.
We had the right to speak our minds, to possess the means by which to defend ourselves, to due process of law, etc. well before the Constitution was written. When I see these rights slowly and methodically trampled, I MUST say something. To remain silent does a disservice to not only my children but to all the men and women who have died defending those rights.

The attack at the Boston marathon was a cowardly and heinous act. Perpetrated by... well... I know what I'd like to call them, but I won't.
But that's not what has bothered me. Watching the events and actions during the manhunt is what truly frightens me. It was martial law w/o calling it such. Cops decked out in tactical gear conducting warrantless searches of every house in the cordoned-off area. All in the name of "security" and finding a 19 year old kid. Don't get me wrong, I have the upmost respect for law enforcement officers and have always had the desire (although most likely not the ability) to be an LEO myself. I do hope that some of the officers involved questioned whether what they were doing was right. I'm just afraid that the militarization of our law enforcement agencies have reached the point where cops just want to be door kickers and we have lost the traditional role of the peace officer.
What would have happened if a homeowner would have resisted having their home searched? Would they have been dragged out in flex cuffs? Or shot? There's a picture floating around on the internet of a LEO in an up-armored HMMWV pointing his rifle while looking through the scope at the person taking their picture from a second-story window of their home. Is that a violation of your rights? I think so.
Please don't give me the line, "if your not doing anything wrong/don't have something to hide, what's the problem" either. What's the problem? It's an infringment of my God-given rights, that's the problem. I have the right to be in my home w/o the police or anyone else conducting a search without a warrant. I have the right to live my life w/o someone pointing a gun at me. (by the way, the first rule firearms safety is "don't point your firearm at anything you're not willing to destroy) I don't know, maybe things are different on the East Coast? I'd sure like to think that that kind of stuff wouldn't happen out here in fly-over country - but more and more I'm not too sure...

What really blew me away was Friday night when they finally caught the kid, the people of Boston were lining the streets cheering. Cheering? Hey look at us, we just spent the last few days having our rights violated and we are going to thank you for doing it - and by cheering for you along the side of the road? Talk about your positive reinforcement... I was stunned. Flabbergasted. So much so that I had to turn off the tv.

Look, I can understand the relief the gold felt. The whole ordeal was over and they caught the guy, but was it worth it? I'm by no means belittling the seriousness of what happened at the marathon - but was it worth it? Did the ends justify the means? I can't see it. I would rather have my liberty and depend on myself and the Lord for my family's safety.

Maybe I'm completely wrong on this one. Maybe. But what if I'm not? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but what if this is just a precursor to the US becoming more and more a police state? How much more will it take before you say enough is enough? What will it take? And then what will you do about it?

Ok, I think I've ranted long enough. I just had to get it out in the open. There. There it is. Chew on it, think it over. Please.

And I'll get back to posting poems and silly pictures on the weekends.

Keep your powder dry AND prepare accordingly.

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