Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paratus Familia Blog: A Nation Undone

I just stumbled onto this blog today. Very, very good stuff here.
Paratus Familia Blog: A Nation Undone

Once again, I wish I had the half of her eloquence, but at least I can share it.


  1. Anonymous25/4/13 04:34

    Hey Hunter,


    Nice to see a blog from a fellow Texan. Im down here in the gulf coast (South Texas) I got a little blog too that gets a few hits on occasion. heres the address.

    I will keep any eye on your blog. By the way, what region of Texas are you at???

    1. Anonymous25/4/13 04:35



      forgot to mention, found your blog on paratus familia.

    2. Thanks. I was actually checking out your blog yesterday as well. Good stuff.

      I'm in the Hill Country.