Friday, July 19, 2013


How can one tell
If one is losing their mind?
Could questioning one's sanity
Mean everything's fine?
Can one know the difference
Between a chemical and a devil?
Is really possible for one's
Psyche to be so fragile?
Does peering into a mirror
Allow one to view their own soul?
Will studying the past
Tell what the future will hold?
Are the voices one hears
The product of imagination?
Or is there more to it,
A more sinister explanation?
Then again, can one be insane
When the whole world is unhinged?
Where evil is good
And virtue is sin.

But why am I asking you
These questions of the mind?
How could your insight be
Any more valid than mine?
And why are we bound together
In this trip through the void?
I have all of these questions
While you just seem annoyed.
I wish you'd say something -
One thought, one reply;
Instead of the constant staring,
Staring with hollow eyes.

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