Tuesday, August 25, 2015

a small fail

My big plan to schedule my time so as to make more time for writing didn't work out so well. 

I tried to set aside quiet time and it worked for a day or two, and then life got in the way. Football practice, summer Rx burns, and other stuff took up time into the front end of my schedule which made me push everything back.

Well, I suppose it's on to the next strategy.  Although I'm not quite sure what plan B is...

We did get a much-needed Rian shower today. We could use a lot more, but any little bit will help. On the way home from the office I drove by two lightning strike wildfires that had just started from strikes along the edge of the storms. The FD's were already on scene and it felt kind of weird just driving by and not responding.

Oh, and on an entirely unrelated note: having an autistic child (even though "mild" or "high-functioning" in youth football can be a struggle. More on that to come.

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