Saturday, August 15, 2015

too many minds

As a sit here with some sort of writer's block,  I'm trying to figure out exactly why I haven't been able to write a poem for over a year.
I want to write, but there is no fount from which the words flow. I see things in my day-to-day life and think, "that would make a cool basis for a poem" so I jot the idea down in my notebook and there it sits, occasionally leering at me.

So what's the problem? Well, I'm not quite sure, but I have a theory - too many minds.
I borrow the phrase from the Tom Cruise/Ken Watanabe flick The Last Samurai. In a scene where Cruise is being taught to sword fight,  one of the samurai tells him he has 'too many minds'. Basically,  he's thinking too much and allowing everything going on in his life and around him to interfere with the sword.

Ok, I apologize for using a Tom Cruise movie reference - but it's all I've got right now....

I think what's up with my lack of writing is all the other stuff going on around and inside me (basically, my life) is leaving me with way too many minds. Kids, a new house, work, daily Bible study, Facebook, Twitter, games on my phone, fantasy football, and whatever else I get myself into have created so many minds that the writing, and esp. the poems, aren't able to develop like they should. And now I've gone and started with this blog again...

So what's the solution?
Well, as much as I'd like to sequester myself off in the boonies somewhere Benedictine-style, I'm pretty sure that's not a viable option.
I'm thinking I need to cut the clutter and make some time for quiet thought. That might be easier said than done with two small children. I also feel that the age of smart phones may be in some way sapping the creativity right out of me. There are so many mind numbing apps out there that do nothing for the mind but are so very fun...

Or perhaps I'm just overthinking this whole thing? That is a common occurrence in this melon.

Let's try an experiment next week and see what happens. Next week should be a normal week work-wise, so I'll make a little schedule and try to stick to it to give me time for writing and reflection. Maybe it'll look something like this:
1730-1800 wind down time and chores
1800-1900 family time and supper
1900-2000 Bible study
2000-2100 apps/games
2100-2200 writing/reflection

I'll let you (yes, the one person who might read this and be interested in the outcome) know how it goes. Maybe I'll add a mid-week note.

Until then, keep your powder dry and God bless.

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